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Breakout discussions on steroids. Specify a few topics, or let the audience create their own. People can jump from one topic to another, and get matched to a group of 3-8 people discussing that topic.

You can host panel discussions with up to 15 speakers. Add polls, music, or share screen to make the sessions more interactive.

Host office hours, Q&A, meet and greet. Audience can "grab mic" to come to the stage and interact with speakers in person.

Turn on speed networking mode for mixer, happy hours, and matchmaking. You can set up multiple networking sessions at the same time, or specify matching criteria.

You can stream YouTube videos, or upload a video of your own for people to watch together. Hosts can pop up whenever they want in the middle to share reactions, add commentaries and control where people should be watching.

Host an event for free

Browser-Based Easy Access

No download required to join events. Use an event template to help create your agenda. Each event generates a customizable invitation page to make it easy to share, sign up, and even sell tickets.

Organizer Stories

Michael Feldstein's "Anti-Webinar" Weekly Social

With a highly influential blog and devoted readership about technology and higher education, Michael Feldstein has now added a weekly event series on Run The World called Blursday Social. It's casual, intentionally small, and what he calls an "anti-webinar." ...

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GSV Tech Bootcamp goes all in for virtual networking

With 55 networking events in 2020, few organizations have leaned into Run The World's cocktail party feature more than GSV and their renowned 7-week entrepreneur "Tech Bootcamp." ...

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How Inc. discovered the missing piece for their community of entrepreneurs

Inc. is more than one of America's top business media organizations. To entrepreneurs and CEOs and aspiring business leaders, it's an essential daily resource for clarity, guidance, and community...

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How Robert Rubenstein keeps TBLI at the center of impact investing

Investor salons, weekly investor networking happy hours, a distinguished speaker series, and even multi-day conferences. These are all the ways Robert Rubenstein is activating Run The World and monetizing virtual events to keep his consulting group TBLI at the center of the conversation...

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