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What's a Run the World event?

Run the World enables you to organize an event entirely online, through videos. Attendees and speakers can participate, engage, and build relationships using their phones.

Starting an event is so easy!

You do three things

1. Pick your topic

2. Invite speakers

3. Promote events

We take care of the rest and much more…

We create a modern-looking conference page, handle payment and promotions, drive ticket sales, message speakers and attendees, manage to-dos and generate insights for you to run more succesful events.

Our organizers run the world!

Our organizers are community enablers, influencers, and hustlers that want to make a difference.

Many ways to run the world.

There are many different types of events you could run on run the world, from Panels/Summit, Industry Events, Influencer/Fan, Meetups, Fundraisers,Trainings to Member Gatherings.

Frequent questions

If your event is a paid event, we charge you nothing. We only share revenues if you monetize. We collect tickets sales for you and take 25% of the total sales, and you keep 75%. If your event is free, we charge a monthly fee depending on your ticket size. From our past experience supporting digital events, paid events attract people who are more dedicated about the topic and have better retention. Free events see higher drop off among attendees and it's typically more challenging to maintain a higher community quality.

No problem! You can organize a conference at the comfort of your office, hotel, or even outdoors. We had environmental experts streaming from the jungle, or surgeons streaming from the operating room. Anywhere that is quiet and has ambient lighting will be a perfect place to start a conference.

You are exactly like one of us! We design the product for those who only organize conferences part-time on top of a busy schedule. Our built-in templates make it easy for you to get started and keep you clear on where to go.

You have complete freedom to choose if you want to organize a conference with someone else, or entirely by yourself. Either way, we have the tools to make it successful.

The beauty of a Run the World is that you are able to deliver an engaging social experience that brings people together entirely digitally. That means you don't need to spend any costs booking venues, ordering food, getting A/V rentals and hiring staff. The costs above takes up around 80% of the total costs of a physical event, and with Run the World, there is none.

Yes! Organizers can monetize effectively through Run the World because people are excited to pay for an experience where they can meet like-minded people and learn the latest insights. Our organizers make from $3000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars per event, depending on the size of the event and ticket cost. We have also seen organizers use this an effective fundraising tool towards their charity, cause, and community.

Of course! Over half of our organizers have had no prior experience organizing events before. They are just passionate about bringing like-minded people together and are able to organize people from many different places. You can get started with our First Timer Guide.

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