Top 10 Virtual Events Platforms

Since the start of quarantine earlier this year, virtual events platforms have popped up left and right, seeking to fill in the gap created by the sudden dearth of live in-person events. And there's a reason for all the hype surrounding online events! They're flexible, easy to join, and target a much broader audience. We've compiled a list of the top 10 virtual events platforms, and we've made it easy for you to find the best solution for you. Check out our video or read our quick list below, complete with key pros and cons for each platform.


6connex has an integrated webcast platform for your speakers to share their content through exciting, engaging presentations. The platform includes everything from screensharing to whiteboarding to a presenter console.

Pros Cons
custom branding low engagement
unique 3D designs more difficult to configure


Accelevents allows you to collect real-time reports and analytics. Not only does the platform give you instantaneous updates on ticketing, revenue, and donations and bids, but it also helps you visualize these analytics through spreadsheets.

Pros Cons
all-in-one platform no social features
24/7 live customer support


With ON24, you can design personalized content experiences that are targeted for your customer. The platform makes it easy for you to create your campaign page and tailor the experience to a specific industry or client.

Pros Cons
easy to configure few networking features
reliable webinar platform high drop off rates


Crowdcast enables you to easily track the performance of your online event. The platform provides you with advanced analytics, and there is also the possibility to integrate with hundreds of tools through Zapier.

Pros Cons
affordable lacks one-on-one networking features
easy to use not designed for larger events

Run The World

On Run The World, you can throw a virtual Cocktail Party for your newsletter subscribers, communities, schools, or online groups, and discover a world of new friends. Cocktail Party allows you to meet face to face with others in five-minute rounds of one-on-one networking conversations, and you can easily follow up with the people you met during Cocktail Party right on our platform.

Pros Cons
best-in-class networking cannot support more than 50k attendees
easy and affordable
all-in-one solution


Brella is not just a virtual events platform. You can use Brella for virtual, hybrid, and physical events, and the platform comes with multi-livestream hosting, which allows you to host all of your livestreams directly on the platform.

Pros Cons
AI-powered matchmaking algorithm no built-in videos, Zoom integration only


SpotMe offers gamification on its platform, and you can create challenges and set up different prizes for people who complete your challenges. This is a wonderful way of keeping your attendees invested and engaged, and your attendees can even play in teams and cash in their points for special rewards.

Pros Cons
great customer service expensive
requires configuration


Bevy has a robust encryption system to protect your data. AES-256 encryption is available under both their plans (Bevy Virtual and Bevy Virtual Conferencing), and their solution has ISO Certification, SOC 2 Reporting, and GDPR compliance.

Pros Cons
support community support community
lacks networking features


Hopin is set up so that you can have a reception and stage area for each event. As with other platforms, you can create a number of different sessions within a given event, but Hopin also allows you to host an expo with interactive vendor booths and customizable buttons in each booth.

Pros Cons
great customer service expensive and requires annual subscription to unlock full features
supports expo hall events


Aventri is an end-to-end event management software, and it offers a Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) solution that enables you to successfully plan your own event using their full suite of management tools.

Pros Cons
all-in-one platform no networking features
designed for hybrid events difficult to set up