TEDx joins Run The World

A note from our founder Xiaoyin Qu.

My mother is a doctor. She lives in China and specializes in meningitis. In late 2018, she traveled to a conference in Chicago. By pure chance, she met a physician there who lived in Dubai. The connection they made enabled them to exchange information and insight, and to develop a shared social knowledge base. Had they not met that day in Chicago, it's likely they never would have met at all.

They met because the conference in Chicago brought them together around a shared interest.

That's why I founded Run The World: to make it as easy as possible for like-minded communities to get together around the topics that matter to them.

I dropped out of Stanford Business School to start this company because I believed in that vision. I still believe in that vision, more strongly than ever. And I am so happy and proud to announce that Run The World is one step closer to that vision. I am proud to announce our partnership with TEDx!

Every year, thousands of organizers host TEDx events around the world, bringing together members with a wide range of fascinating interests. That is exactly what Run The World is built for: bringing like-minded people together to exchange ideas, make new relationships and get inspired.

Our partnership with TEDx kicks off today and Run The World is now an official partner recommended by TED for all organizers to host TEDx events. As a TED addict myself, I couldn't be more excited to see more TEDx organizers leverage Run The World to empower more "Ideas worth spreading."