Run The World vs Zoom

For many of us, working from home during the pandemic has meant spending a lot more time on Zoom calls. Sure, Zoom is a great video conferencing platform for meetings and classes, but Zoom fatigue is real, and I'm definitely feeling it.

Run The World is a virtual event platform designed to help you create highly interactive online events. It's simple and easy to use, but more importantly, it allows you to meet new people and build real relationships in an online format. All of our features have been created to maximize interaction, whether it's the ability for speakers to create an interactive poll or for attendees to participate in one-on-one speed networking. Whether you’re hosting intimate meetups, community mixers, or large interactive conferences, you can do it all on Run The World.

Feature Run The World Zoom
Webinars Yes Yes
Concurrent sessions Yes No
Sequential sessions Yes No
Speed Networking Yes No
Matchmaking Networking Yes No
Speakers can lead the session without moderators Yes No
Moderator control Yes Yes
Group selfies Yes No
Social polls Yes No
Grab the Mic/Raise hand Yes Yes
Ticketing Yes No
User profile Yes No
Mobile experience Yes Yes
Share pre-recorded videos Yes No
Share screen Yes No
Post-event data Yes No
Event recordings Yes Yes
Post-event community Yes No

If you want to monetize or run virtual events with networking capabilities, Run The World is the way to go.

  1. Best networking experiences. People can't really talk to each other during a Zoom event. That sucks. Our Cocktail Party enables people to randomly meet new people for 5 minute conversations and follow up with one click. It's like speed dating for like-minded people.
  2. Parallel sessions. You can create multiple sessions at the same time and people can swipe right or left to navigate between concurrent sessions.
  3. Sponsors. Run The World has all the sponsor features you need to spotlight your sponsor. Not only can you add them to your virtual event landing page, but you can also give them a booth or highlight them with a popup that shows up at the start of every session.
  4. Monetization and ticketing. You can create a beautiful event page with multiple ticket types so that you can monetize effectively.
  5. Keep in touch after your event! The best part is after the event, you'll have a community of people who are able to keep in touch and form long-lasting connections.

Run The World is the platform you need to host your next online event, large conference, or networking event. It's free to host an event with less than 60 people, so you can try it out today!