We are making Run The World free to host events up to 500 people

As the CEO of Run The World, a fast growing online events platform with 15M in funding from Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Andreessen Horowitz and etc, we had a crazy year with exponential growth, growing from 4 to 45 people. Yet, I always felt our pricing model didn't seem to make sense.

We tested a few different models: charging a fixed amount per attendee who registers, charging a multi-tier monthly subscription that came with different number of registration limit, selling different features for different plans or 14-day free trial.

After a few months of beta testing to figure out the best pricing model, we landed on something crazy - making our full-fledged products free.

(For our investors who read this and thought we got crazy, please continue reading..)

We saw lots of online events platform, including us a few months ago, charge people based on what features they offer, not how much money they can help organizers make, creating misaligned incentives. We saw hosts paying thousands for virtual booths, and platforms making millions from those booths, but sponsors were pulling away budget due to poor lead generation performances. We saw hosts overpaying for plans that would cover 1000 registrants only to find out 200 actually showed up.

The first thing Run The World wants to do in 2021, is to align incentives and help events organizers make money and reducing risks.

The first thing Run The World wants to do in 2021, is to align incentives and help events organizers make money and reducing risks.

We came up with the best free plan in the virtual events industry.

We are making it free for you to host free events for up to 500 people and only charge you if you make money. That way, we can ensure our product cycles are spent in developing new features that will help hosts monetize better. And hosts can ensure they would't lose money investing in platforms that don't bring them value.

This is how "Grab mic" works. Attendees can come on stage and mingle with distinguished speakers.
We iterated cocktail party 5 times in the past year to ensure smooth transition and people on average are guaranteed to meet 10 people per hour. 
We only make money if we know hosts are making money.

If you are generating leads or getting sponsor revenue, unfortunately today there is not a good way to attribute to our success so we kept a fixed price. However, we will continue investing ways to better attribute revenue generated through sponsors and leads so we can be more precise.

2021 is the year to monetize from online events.

We are seeing successful creators such as Auti(Youtube creators and coaches), Frank-Jürgen Richter(Founder of a distinguished business leader community), Stephanie Miller(top-rated podcaster) and others successfully monetizing from attendees,  just by themselves without a big team.

You can make $1 million a year running events on Run The World.

We have seen hosts making half a million USD just from charging attendees within 6 months. They are expected to make $1M USD cash in a year from hosting ticketed virtual events at Run The World alone. They don't even have any sponsors(!)

6 ideas that have successfully made money

Combining a pre-produced comedy videos with live audience, followed by VIP meet and greet, Stephanie Miller is selling 3000+ tickets each month to her events.
  1. ticketed podcast recording or talk shows (same as running a podcast recording or a talk show, but charge $10-25 per attendees to be able to "grab mic" and get personalized coaching/advice).
  2. ticketed matchmaking session(set up a registration survey asking people qualifying questions, using the survey tool, curate the right persons to join the right sessions and charge for it; $10 - 100 per person for 1 hour of event depending on how curated the audience is)
  3. ticketed event series (run a conference or bootcamp that's 3 months long and set up session every week. Use Run The World's built-in community to support async conversations in between sessions; $50 - 500 per person for 3-month access)
  4. virtual streaming shows (share pre-recorded videos such as pre-produced comedy shows or concerts. Play them during a Run The World session, followed by a mixer for audience to mingle with each other)
  5. book event (set up a book event, charging people upfront to include the cost of the books).
  6. ticketed live workshops(share your expertise and go deep in a topic. Use the roundtable and cocktail party to facilitate group work and charge for it. $20- 50 per person per event )

2021 is the year to monetize from online events.

You can start hosting free events for free, get some practice and start charging!