Miss Auti - Connecting Her Fans, Making a Living

Dance influencer and digital creator Miss Auti gained notoriety through weekly dance vlogs that rounded up some 34 million views. With over 300,000 followers on YouTube and another 16,000 on Instagram, she came to Run The World with a better idea: Why not host a one-stop-shop for dancers of all ages, levels and backgrounds?

“There are so many options on the Run The World platform that I can custom tailor a workshop from my audience where everyone can feel included,” she says.

For months, now, Miss Auti has used Run The World to engage her community, charging about $25-$35 per ticket. She prefers an interactive Run The World participation to a passive YouTube experience. That way, she can empower community members through virtual, shared experiences. “My community can now give the same love and encouragement that they give me, to each other,” she says.

“Run The World right now is providing an intimate space for my audience to come and connect with not only me, but other fans, other like-minded individuals, that just want to connect over this shared interest.”


With hundreds of thousands of followers across her social platforms, Miss Auti wanted an interactive and inclusive approach that aligned with her values and community. She also wanted to make sure she could keep up with the bills. How could she empower community members through shared online experiences while ensuring financial stability?


Miss Auti worked with Run The World to establish a personalized plan for her attendees. Twice a month, she hosts dance workshops for three hours each. “I like to make the events different,” she says. “I like to custom tailor them so audience members are excited to join.”

A typical workshop runs for about three hours and includes a Fireside Chat with a dance industry professional (guests include choreographers from, So You Think You Can Dance, backup dancers for Oprah’s tours, and nutritionists); a class with stretching, warmups, and lessons; and finally, a unique piece of choreography exclusive to her attendees and Run The World.

Using Run The World’s tiered ticketing system, she usually charges $25 for Early Bird and $35 for regular tickets. “With Run The World being apart of my life every month, it’s been an incredible source of income for me. And it’s even better that I can do what I love, and connect with people who do what I love, in doing so,” she says.


Miss Auti has served her community consistently with two workshops a month, allowing attendees from all over the world, in all different timezones the same shared experience.

“It’s not just a bunch of numbers, or this amount of followers, this amount of likes and comments, but it’s actual human beings that you can connect with. And it allows that world to keep growing.” she says.