Michael Feldstein's "Anti-Webinar" Weekly Social

With a highly influential blog and devoted readership about technology and higher education, Michael Feldstein has now added a weekly event series on Run The World called Blursday Social. It's casual, intentionally small, and what he calls an "anti-webinar." In a year like 2020 where Covid has turned the world upside down for universities and colleges, Michael is facilitating thoughtful dialogue and networking sessions to bring his community of professors, administrators, and researchers together.

"It's much more conversation and participation than broadcast. Think of it as being like trivia night at your favorite bar." - Michael Feldstein

By the Numbers

  • 7 weeks of Blursday Social events every Thursday afternoon
  • 90% attendance return rate each week

Event Series Schedule

  • Each week a new guest speaker for an informal fireside chat on a specific topic
  • One-on-one community networking using Cocktail Party

The storyAfter Michael Feldstein joined his first Run The World event as an invited speaker, he began to consider how he could host a live weekly gathering for the community that has formed around his widely read blog. In such a challenging year for higher education professionals and so much experimentation in remote learning, Michael wanted to achieve two things: create a space for dialogue around key themes and let people have some fun meeting each other virtually during social distancing lockdown. The result is a new kind of community content focused on peer-to-peer discussion and participant input, where each session is designed to provoke discussion.

"It's a more interactive, community-building alternative to webinars." - Michael Feldstein

How Michael uses RTW

  • Hosts and moderates weekly sessions on the same date and time to establish consistency
  • Invites 1-2 guest speakers per event to join him in an informal discussion on a specific topic
  • Encourages attendees to grab the mic to actively participate and shape the conversation
  • Opens with several rounds of 5min networking to break the ice and get the audience connected to each other
  • Makes the event free and promotes on his blog to encourage attendance