As creators use Run The World to host their online workshops, fan meetups and masterclasses, Run The World is excited to announce our partnership with, a leading Link-in-bio tool for creators, to provide a more visible channel to market Run The World events on creators' social media profile. allows anyone to create a mobile-first website that can keep up with the content being created, including your virtual events on Run The World. It is now easy to embed your Event Invitation Page directly on your Beacons page. Beacons's integration block is its first step towards helping creators weave together their online presence into one supercharged Link-in-bio.

Are you interested in adding your next Run The World Event to share in your profile? Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Create your event on Run The World.

2. Login to

3. Add a block to your page:

4. Select Integrations:

5. Navigate to and select the Run The World integration:

6. Add in your Run The World Registration Page URL:

7. Click Save, and you now have your Run The World Registration and Cover Media directly in your link to share with others who may be interested in joining your events!