How to Grab the Mic on #NationalDogDay

You know it’s been a long couple months when your dog starts barking at another dog on the other side of a video call. One dog owner on Twitter worried his dog would bark through Zoom’s mute button. He’s probably right.

Luckily, on Run The World, there is no need to mute. In fact, by default, you don’t show up at all. You have to grab the mic to be on camera with the speaker. You can Grab the Mic to ask questions during any live event. In honor of National Dog Day, we thought we’d provide you some tips for inviting your dog to Grab the Mic during a Run The World video chat.

Give your dog the mic

1. Introduce your dog to your computer

  • Start with DogTv, let them understand that there is more to that strange metal box their humans stare at all day.
  • Stick a piece of masking tape on the top edge of your computer, next to the camera. Dab a pinch of peanut butter on the tape. Allow them to lick it off (but, stop them once they get to the tape!).

2. Bring the computer to them

  • As much as we love seeing photos of dogs working at desks, the truth is, it’s probably easiest to bring a laptop down to them, if you can.
  • Let them sit on their favorite blanket or bed, so it feels a bit more natural.

3. When you’re ready, go live

  • Add a little peanut butter to the top of your computer screen.
  • Join your event.
  • Request the mic.
  • Stand behind your computer, so your dog sees you, not the screen.
  • Enjoy the recording after the fact by asking Run The World support for the download.

How to Grab the Mic

  1. Tap the microphone icon on the bottom of your screen, next to “comment or ask a question.”
  2. Click Grab the mic and get ready to connect with the speaker.
  3. When the speaker accepts your request, you will see a preview of yourself. Check your equipment, including camera and microphone and click Accept.Bravo! You now have the mic and can ask the speaker anything you’d like.
  4. To pass the mic to another speaker, or disconnect, click the red button on the bottom right.

Want to try it yourself?