How Robert Rubenstein keeps TBLI at the center of impact investing

Success:Investor salons, weekly investor networking happy hours, a distinguished speaker series, and even multi-day conferences. These are all the ways Robert Rubenstein is activating Run The World and monetizing virtual events to keep his consulting group TBLI at the center of the conversation around impact investing. As the world's leading authority on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) and impact investing, Robert's TBLI Group (which stands for "Triple Bottom Line Investing") connects a global network of thought leaders, institutional investors, and fund managers dedicated to advancing a values-based economy. And by leaning into virtual event experiences, the community formed around TBLI is expanding faster than ever and finding impactful ways to connect, share ideas, and generate relationships entirely online.

"I chose RTW as it was the best one for intereaction. All the other platforms were just video conferencing. RTW was focussed on engagment and connection. Most of the other events organisers didn’t want engagement so they block that. TBLI chose RTW because of inclusiveness, not exclusiveness." - Robert Rubenstein

By The Numbers:

  • 10+ weekly networking sessions in the form of Impact Investor Networking and Happy Hours, ranging from 70-100 attendees each time
  • 15+ webinars, keynote speakers, and panel events happening weekly or biweekly, with 100-200 in attendance
  • 4 Investor Salons with over 100+ attendees
  • 3 flagship regional conferences, TBLI Asia, Americas, and Europe, with 50+ speakers per event and 400 attendees per event

Event Series Schedule:

  • Weekly Networking Sessions to learn about new investment opportunities, meet inspiring investors, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders.
  • Weekly Distinguished Speaker series inviting thought leaders to present on topics and issues around ESG and impact investing.
  • Monthly Investor Salons where funds and companies present to investors, followed by an open Q&A and impact investing networking session.
  • Monthly multi-day regional conferences with workshops, masterclasses, networking opportunities, investor salons, over ~400 regular attendees and over 50 speakers

Story:Robert Rubenstein's vision is to create a global economy that works for all, not just the wealthy. He founded the TBLI Group in 1998 and is now the leading authority on impact investing, a comprehensive investing strategy that fully considers "people, planet and profits." To power this movement, Robert and TBLI have always relied on a weekly newsletter, global conferences, think tank salons, and learning retreats dedicated to inspirational education. In 2019, TBLI hosted conferences all over the world, from Beijing to Zurich to Stockholm. But with world travel on hold in 2020, TBLI pivoted to an entirely virtual format to keep up the inspiration, energy, and connection-making. Furthermore, the ability to monetize the virtual conferences and investor salons meant TBLI could provide free weekly content series with distinguished speakers and networking happy hours. The results have been staggeringly positive. Connections made coming out of the networking sessions are leading to new partnerships. Attendees are raving that virtual speed networking is more effective than the in-person equivalent. And what was once limited by geography is now open to all.

"Run The World has allowed us to make a full pivot to a virtual business model." - Robert Rubenstein

How TBLI uses Run The World:

  • Promotes all upcoming events for the month ahead on the TBLI website and in the weekly newsletter.
  • Provides premium experiences for community members to discover the latest insights, trends, and issues through weekly webinars with distinguished speakers.
  • Schedules frequent recurring networking sessions and happy hours to facilitate connections and conversations between members.
  • Charges admission to investor salons and multi-day conferences to generate revenue that subsidizes weekly free content.