How Quantic uses Run The World to Build a Culture of Connection in their Learning Community


When looking for ways to continue building deep connections for their online community of MBA students, Quantic was looking for a new virtual platform where students could meet and engage with one another naturally. After learning about the networking features that Run The World offers, along with the interactive and engaging talk rooms, Quantic was able to create events to bring the online student community together in one place. Using Run The World, Quantic has created "Ask Me Anything" events, alumni meet-ups, and Podcast Club meetings to form connections and allow students to interact with and learn from one another.

By The Numbers:

  • Over 2,700 total registrations
  • 13 Ask Me Anything events
  • 1 Hour Event Duration to keep attendees engaged

Event Schedule:

  • Ask Me Anything events start with a brief introduction of the special guest, then allow for an interactive question and answer session for students to actively engage and learn.
  • Podcast Clubs encourage students to first listen to a specific podcast, and then break into groups to discuss topics with one another using Round Tables.

The Story:

Quantic School of Business and Technology offers both an MBA and Executive MBA for students, and the curriculum is 100% online. Because of the online environment, Quantic was interested in giving their students more new opportunities to engage with one another to further create natural connections similar to those made in in-person MBA programs. When Quantic found Run The World, they saw the value in our interactive webinars and networking features. Quantic students now have even more opportunities to connect with one another outside of the virtual classroom, and Quantic is able to continue building a culture of connection in their learning community.

How Quantic uses RTW

  • 'Create a Talk' event type to capture who is registering for the single session event.
  • The comment section is used to ask questions and engage with those on stage.