How Enterprise Holdings increases employee social and virtual office culture with Run The World

Success: After transitioning to virtual meetings, Enterprise Holdings was looking for a way to connect their employees together through networking, just like their in-person meetings. Using the Run The World's Social Event product, they were able to create one-click-to-join shareable links for each meeting, an easy way for attendees to jump into a fun team-building after formal meetings. One of their favorite features, the Cocktail Party Speed Networking, allows the employees of Enterprise to create deep 1:1 connections with one another and meet many colleagues in a short amount of time.

By The Numbers:

  • 1 networking event per month
  • Over 900 attendees meeting new people
  • More than 6,000 interactions between employees
  • 5 teams are using RTW for culture-building during remote working

Event Schedule:

Using the Social Event, there is no need to schedule out exactly how long an event will be, so Enterprise Holdings usually starts a Cocktail Party and attendees then stay as long as they'd like to network.

The Story:

Like most companies, Enterprise Holdings understands that face-to-face networking is a critical component for a successful business and trust-building among different teams. As a natural progression to bring this networking into the virtual world, Enterprise Holdings was looking for a solution to create serendipitous connections among employees in a virtual setting. After hearing about the speed networking feature on Run The World called Cocktail Party, they easily create a virtual space for a curated networking experience by setting conversation starters, the number of the 1:1 chats in a rotation, and the length for each chat. Once the setup is done, they can sit back and allow connection-building among the employees to take place organically.

How Enterprise Holdings Uses RTW:

  • Uses the Run The World Social Events to allow for a fast event creation process and easy access for attendees.
  • Shares the Social Event link internally for people to join without needing to register.
  • Starts a Cocktail Party within the Social Event to allow attendees to network.
"Everyone was surprised by Run The World's functionality and ease of use. Employees of all levels are able to randomly connect with executives, including our CEO, and we find those connections to be extremely valuable."--Jennifer Cain, Senior Meeting Planner at Enterprise Holdings.