Event Planning 101: Try These Popular Formats

Need some ideas on where to start?

Create a weekly speed networking series for your community!Sample 1 Hour Agenda:

  • 10-minute welcome - allow attendees to join, play some welcome music using the Magic Box, or invite someone up to the stage for a brief chat before the networking begins.
  • 40 minutes of networking - Create a cocktail party with 10 interactions, 4 minutes each.
  • 10-minute debrief and closing remarks.

Try a bi-weekly fireside chat where you can bring on other Community Leaders to sit down and have conversations about things interesting to your community!Sample 1 Hour Agenda:

  • 30-minute conversation between yourself and your guest.
  • 10 minutes of Q&A where attendees can join the stage to ask questions.
  • 20-minute social mixer for attendees to mingle after the fireside chat.

Want to connect with your community on a more intimate level? How about creating an "Ask Me Anything" meet and greet event series?Sample 1 Hour Agenda:

  • 10-minute welcome.
  • 30-minute Q&A where attendees can come on the stage to interact with you live.
  • 20-minute cocktail party where attendees get the chance to connect with each other, and a lucky attendee or two will get to chance to have a one on one conversation with you.

Want to connect with your community while all watching a prerecorded performance? Think about throwing a watch party event!

Sample Agenda:

  • 10-minute introduction as people join the event.
  • Play the prerecorded video for everyone to watch at the same time.
  • 10-minute Q&A session with the creator that was in the performance.