GSV Tech Bootcamp goes all in for virtual networking


With 55 networking events in 2020, few organizations have leaned into Run The World's cocktail party feature more than Global Silicon Valley (GSV) and their renowned 7-week entrepreneur "Tech Bootcamp." When Michael Moe, founder and CEO of GSV, realized the pivot to virtual could mean a loss of interaction between students, he implored his team to bring the social features and networking of Run The World into the Bootcamp online experience. That successful integration with the Bootcamp led GSV to set up cocktail party experiences for thousands at their flagship annual education conference, the ASU + GSV Summit, the most impactful convening of leaders in education and talent technology.

"One of the things that you fear in doing things virtually is that you lose that personal connection. What the people in our bootcamp have found is that all of a sudden, we've got this very innovative way for them to make connections, to start relationships, and to learn things." - Michael Moe, Founder of GSV

By the Numbers:

  • 43 networking events in 7 weeks for GSV Tech Bootcamp students
  • 37 "Bootcamp Local Sessions" across North America to connect students regionally
  • 6 weekly Happy Hour Fridays for all students generating
  • 10 networking events in 3 days during ASU + GSV
  • 1 MBA networking social
  • 1 Pitch Practice speed session
  • 1 EdTech Cocktail Party

Event Series Schedule:

  • Weekly Friday Happy Hours during bootcamp intensive
  • Weekly regional networking during bootcamp intensive
  • 3x daily during flagship conference

The Story

"Education is about knowledge, not college,” says Michael Moe. “That’s precisely why Run The World is tremendous.” Michael Moe is an investor, entrepreneur, author, and founder of GSV, an investment firm specializing in fast-growing, dynamic companies. He pioneered the GSV Startup Bootcamp, designed to help the unemployed or underemployed share startup visions. But when Covid-19 cases continued to rise in the SF Bay Area, Moe knew the Bootcamp would have to be remote. After discovering Run The World through friends, Moe fell in love with the concept of the virtual cocktail party to bring the power of networking into the online version of the 7-week course. With 43 networking events over the course of the program in July and August, the virtual cocktail parties were an indellible aspect of the bootcamp experience. This continued into September with 3 intense conference days at the ASU+GSV Virtual Summit.

"I think Run The World is a fantastic platform to develop not only connectivity, but real engagement in a very seamless and fun way, and to be able to develop dialogue, real dialogue with people, to capture it in a way that you can utilize it and continue with it once the actual event is done. ” - Michael Moe
How GSV uses Run The World:
  • Twice weekly networking sessions integrated into the core education curriculum for the student bootcamp experience: one for all students; the second based on regional location.
  • During the multi-day conference, offering premium networking opportunities organized by topic so attendees can choose the most relevant sessions.
  • Alumni Happy Hours to keep the GSV Bootcamp community of graduates closely engaged