Event Planning 201: 7 Tips to Boost Online Event Attendance

As one of the first online event solutions, Run The World is dedicated to empower event hosts to deliver the most engaging and interactive virtual experience to their audience. Based on 36,000+ events we have observed on on Run The World in the past year, we have come up with 7 top tips to boost your event attendance.

1. Frame The Event as Something Fun

Whether using the Event Title or the Event Description, it is important to frame your events so they capture the attendees attention. While the majority of your event may mostly be one sided with speakers and panelists lecturing to attendees, make sure to highlight the pieces of your event that are more interactive if you are using Run The World's networking features.

2. Giveaways and Raffles

Another way to boost attendance is giving your attendees a chance to win a giveaway or raffle. These are great ways to show appreciation to your attendees for joining, and planning the giveaway to occur at the end of the event encourages people to stay the entire time.

3. Add a Gamification Element

Encouraging friendly competition throughout an event is a great way to keep attendees engaged and excited to attend. Whether you use the Run The World Poll feature to quiz attendees at the end of a session, calculate who comments the most throughout the event, or reward those who attend every session, there are many ways to get creative and keep attendees engaged.

4. Host Paid Events

Charging for admission for events is a great way to ensure the people interested will actually attend the events. We have seen that organizers who charge a small fee for attendance end up seeing 90% or more registered attendees actually show up. The fee shouldn't be too large to where it discourages them from attending in the first place, but a small registration fee means the attendees are more invested and engaged during your events.

5. The Time, Day, and Length of your event matter

It is important to consider your audience when planning events. If they are working full time, it may be best to consider an evening or weekend event. Furthermore, the length of your event is extremely important to consider as well. Consider breaking your events into sections of no more than 4 hours at a time. Rather than 1 full day event, maybe you run two half days for your event. Consider creating an event series with the different panels, having one each week, rather than having 20 panels all speak on the same day. It is important to keep your attendees engaged, and shortening the length of your event can keep attendees energized and compelled to continue to participate in different sessions.

6. Build community over time

It takes time to build a strong community on Run The World. However, as you host more events on Run The World, you begin to create a following as more and more people register to attend your events. As you gain followers, each time you create an event, you are able to share your event with those loyal followers straight through the Run The World platform. This then creates a snowball effect, where your list of followers will continue to grow as you host more events on Run The World.

7. Use Event Analytics to Identify your Champions

Run The World offers detailed event analytics, showing the attendees who attend each of your events, and attendees who are active within your events. These analytics are extremely valuable, since you are able to learn from these attendees, understand why they keep coming to your events, and learn how to get more like minded individuals to attend your events. These power users can help you spread the word about your events as well.