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Award-winning interactive
event experiences.

Wow your audience with our plug-and-play interactive event formats. Your events will look good.
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Breakout discussions on steriods. Hosts can specify a few topics, or let audience create their own topics. People can jump from one topic to another topic and get matched to a group of 4-8 people discussing that topic.

You can host panel discussions with up to 8 speakers. Add polls, music, or share screen to make the sessions more interactive.

Host office hours, Q&A, meet and greet. Audience can "grab mic" to come to the stage and interact with speakers in person.

Turn on speed networking mode for mixer, happy hours, and matchmaking. You can set up multiple networking sessions at the same time, or specify matching criteria.

You can stream YouTube videos, or upload a video of your own for people to watch together. Hosts can pop up whenever they want in the middle to share reactions, add commentaries and control where people should be watching.

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Workshops, broadcast shows, webinars for 1-2 hours long. People typically do this weekly or bi-weekly.

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Virtual summit, conferences, or interactive shows. People typically do this every month or every two months.

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Run The World an easy and all-in-one platform that covers event management, registration, ticketing, event hosting, emails, payment, community, recordings and more, all accessible with a simple URL. Host and monetize your events from up to 10K concurrent attendees worldwide.

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Our host make $1000 to 70,000 per month running events at Run The World. Choose from a fixed ticket price, monthly membership(coming), and multiple ticketing tiers.

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Publish your events to our event marketplace, instantly share your future events to existing attendees, and understand where your audience comes from so you can get more of them.

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Each event comes with a built-in online community where people can chat before, during, and after your event. You own your own attendee list and message your super fans individually anytime

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hosts networking parties

"I think I demoed every event and networking platform there was, but what made Run The World stand out was the cocktail party feature, since engaging virtual networking was something we were still trying to solve for."

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Emma Comeau
Director of Events, TechCrunch

Inc Magazine

hosts masterclasses for entrepreneurs

"This is the missing piece for our community offering. Our events on Run The World are 1000x worth creating."

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Lily Chapin
Community Manager at Inc. & Fast Company

Stephanie Millers

sells 20K tickets to her comedy show with meet and greet

"Sexy Liberal fans would never be able to meet face to face because they were scattered all around the country. This format allows people to have conversations that they never would have had before. It's drawing people closer together, thanks to Run the World."

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Chris Lavoie

Frank-Jürgen Richter

hosts regular roundtable discussions with world leaders(Obama, Richard Branson etc.)

"The event’s grand success with Run The World has reaffirmed Horasis’ belief that technology is key to novel solutions."

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Frank Jurgen-Richter
Chairman of Horasis

Michael Feldstein

hosts talk shows on ed-tech

"It's much more conversation and participation than broadcast. Think of it as being like trivia night at your favorite bar."

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Michael Feldstein
Blogger & founder of e-Literate

Miss Auti

hosts dance workshops

"With Run The World being a part of my life every month, it's been an incredible source of income for me. And it's even better that I can do what I love, and connect with people who do what I love."

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Miss Auti
Dancer and Youtuber, 370K Subscriber

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