Run The World enables fun and engaging virtual experiences that build strong communities

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Pre-built tools for fun group activities

You are in control of your event with our magicbox, a collection of pre-built tools for your group to do fun things together. Invite your audience to the stage, start a group photo, make social polling, or add theme music. Stay in control and be the director of your event.

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Recreate social encounters seamlessly

Run The World is the first event platform to put networking at the center of every event. Our award-winning "cocktail partyā€¯ enables rounds of 1:1 speed networking that empower meaningful relationships.

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Grow your community and build a business

Generate revenue for your events, unlock sponsorship opportunities, get data reports and keep your audience coming back for more.

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Meet other event hosts, share tips, network, and get invited to exclusive events featuring thought leaders, influencers, and culture builders.

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Fireside chat series. Matchmaking. Networking. Meetups. Workshops. Trivia nights and more fun virtual events.

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